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A young widow, having just left her husbands grave, was overcome by grief as she walked and thus became  lost in a forest nearby. Alone with her thoughts she grew angry at the death Fortune had given her husband so early on in life and cried out, ''Must thou be so cruel as to take innocent lives as easily as plucking a daisy from the earth?''. Upon her shout, Dame Fortune appeared to speak with the lady.
''If you believe me to be cruel then how must you feel about yourself?'', and vanished as suddenly as she came, leaving behind her a beautiful, black daisy. The widow looked with wonder upon the daisy and was so enchanted by it's beauty she plucked it from the earth to keep for herself and therefore died, as Dame Fortune had tricked her by linking her life with the daisy.

Moral: What you may find unacceptable in others you may find within yourself.
Fable for the competition.
I actually made the moral up myself from something I learnt in Psychology class =D It was also partly inspired by one of Aesop's fables called The Traveler and Fortune.

Contest article: [link]
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May 23, 2010
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